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"Lynsey is always a pleasure to work with and is always willing  to go that
extra length to ensure work is done well. I would recommend her
to anyone looking for a bright voice over"


About Me 
I’ve always worked in the media and I love what I do. I started out in radio at the age of 18, doing work experience at the County Sound Radio Network in Guildford. Eventually after a lot of begging they finally let me record a few news interviews and so I got my first taste of waffling on air.

This eventually led to a full time career in radio working at stations including County Sound, Eagle Radio, Delta FM, Wyvern, Severn Sound, BBC WM, Wey Valley Radio, Oneword and many others. Working in the industry I did get asked to do the odd voiceover for various stations every now and then and one thing led to another. Then one day I realised ‘hold on im doing this for stupid am?!’  and so my first tentative steps into the paid voiceover world were taken.

I’ve recorded a huge variety of projects for a huge variety of organisations, including Schweppes, Philips, Mamas & Papas, the UKRD Group, the GWR group, the psychic network; Kooma, Create Worldwide TV,, New Scientist, the hit Playstation game 'Buzz' and many, many adverts, promos and imaging liners for many, many radio stations in both the UK and abroad.

In my many years as a voice over artist ive voiced everything from advertising campaigns to television documentary narrations. Radio liners and station imaging to characters in short films, radio dramas and computer games. Online internet tutorials to audio narration to telephone IVR systems. I love that in this profession every job is different and very often quite good fun to work on too. So if you’ve got a project that needs a voice, whether it be a huge advertising campaign or just a quick 1 minute telephone greeting then why not gimme a shout. No job is too big, too small or too obscure!

Simply jump to the ‘Contact Me’ page and let me know what you need and ill get back to you as soon as possible with a quote (usually within 48 hours). And don’t worry many people are often surprised by how reasonably priced us voice over peeps actually are. I promise I will not break your bank…although if you want to offer me huge wads of cash to talk for you then im obviously not going to turn you away…its just not in my nature!